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DC Skate Ramp @ 2012 Quicksilver Pro: Hossegor.

The 2012 Quicksilver Pro not only brought out all the surfing monsters from around the globe but also a mental octopus that dominated a DC sponsored, beachside skate ramp with the underwater art design by Steve Burk. The DC Ramp held various open sessions and a competition which was won by Basque skating legend Alain Goikoetxea. He took home a prize of 3000 euros.

The French Julien Benoliel from Marseille and Josef Scott Jatta (above), currently residing in skating hotspot; Barcelona, tied in second place.

SKATE SCENE @ Barcelona.

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Brendan Benson and Young Hines

Brendan Benson and Young Hines played an memorable show in Barcelona’s Apollo on Thursday the 17th of May. The meaning of Rock perforated through both sets with smoke machines, whites lights, a speaker phone and the band consisting of Matt Scibilia on drums, Bobby Lord on base and Marc Waltrous on keys and guitar; a well synced combination shared by both artists. Impressive Spanish was also displayed and very much appreciated by the Spanish audience, who sung along to the lyrics of all their favourtie Benson tunes.

Fue Una Pasada!

Malaga – Holy Week –



St Patricks Day in DUBLIN

Dublin, March 17th, One Million Irish men and tourists from all over, were all dressed in green, ready to experience St Patrick’s Day, the Irish Way. The crisp cold tail of winter was warmed by an influx of green shirts, live music and stands selling; balloons, giant hats and Irish flags. Face painting stands offered shades of green, the Irish flag and the iconic ‘shamrock’ to feature on party-goer’s faces.

HISTORY: St Patrick was a priest that in the early 400s brought the Good news of Jesus Christ to Ireland. He was born in Scotland, had a Romano British father but at the age of 16 was kidnapped by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a slave. According to his record, while he was in captivity God told him in a dream to flee to the coast, where he would board a ship and return to Britain. In Britain he studied to be a priest and later in his life he returned to Ireland. St Patrick spent 30 years in the country that originally took his freedom from him, teaching Christianity and on March 17th 493 he died and St Patrick’s Day was born.

FACT: The three-leaf clover also known as the shamrock, it is what St Patrick used to describe the Christian concept of the trinity, the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit.

TODAY: St Patrick’s Day is celebrated around the globe with parades, music and a lot of beer, mainly in countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and only quite recently in Ireland. A religious feast was always celebrated in Ireland but it wasn’t until the 1970’s when pubs were aloud to stay open on St Patrick’s Day and in 1995 when the Irish government pushed the development of the parade with costumes, music and dance to drive tourism and show case Irish Culture to the rest of the world.

THIS YEAR the parade was nothing short of fantastic, with costumes, bands, dancers, performers with a huge variety of styles, my favourite being the steam-punk float and the strange feeling I had like I was attending Spanish Carnival.

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