Turning around at the boarding gate and seeing my family: my brother and sister, my grandparents, my parents, whom I have become closer to than  ever-would have thought this past year, was enough to crumple me into tears as I boarded my first flight.

My independent demeanour and a confidence of doing this all before was crushed at the site of a family who had supported me through a year of highs, lows, mistakes, a break-up and was there for me through the frustrations I felt post-asia: a new discomfort with western consumer-culture by rationalising and nuturing my dreams.

It was a chilling realisation that I am now on my own, I don’t have my Dad to run to when an old man calls me a bad driver, A brother to debate the meaning of life, love, God and politics ( I try), A sister to wake up when I can’t sleep to tell her we are sisters and we need to go through this together and the comfort of my mother who will work tooth and nail to make sure my bag is tighly packed, give me half her wardrobe, think of every possible occasion I will find myself in and make sure I have an Umbrella.

This is not the first time I have had to say goodbye to my family but always being around the people you love is comforting and I am stepping out of my comfort zone.


Dueteronomy 31:16






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