A lack of the water of life results in decay.When the very thing that plays an intricate role in contructing our identity: “The Media” is motivated by money; society is destined for a melt down.

POST WAR was when consumer culture began. Advertising increased in an attempt to restore the economy. In consumer capitalism advertising is used to influence and manipulate people’s desires.

In the west we have seen the image of a women’s body DECAY, by using one of God’s greatest gifts designed to be sacred and personal between a man and a woman; sex, to sell products. To promote consumerism.

1950s: Marilyn Munroe was a woman of curves; her body reflects life.

The 1990’s Technology Boom allowed an increased in advertising.

20th Century

This process has seen women’s bodies go from the voluptuous body of Marylin Monroe to the bony – starving look so popular in fashion today. It is a destructive combination when you have girls immersed in a culture of consumerism and a desire to be unhealthily thin. Diets, gyms and health products proliferate as we attempt to satisfy both ideologies the media is promoting. Girls are often caught in the trap of an eating disorder that eats away at your humanity.

streams of living water will flow from within him. John 7:38.
Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe, Pop Art, Consumer Culture.


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