Don’t owe anyone anything except love. Yesterday I read in Viewpoint Magazine that one in five Australian children has experienced neglet or abuse before reaching adulthood “some will exhibit the same symptoms of post traumatic stress experienced by soldiers returning from active duty.”

Australia spends between $10.7 billion to $30.1 billion on intervention and treatment for child abuse and neglect. The National Child Protection Framework, has been developed to deal with the causes of child abuse and neglect. Their goal is to give children a make over, to “restore to them their rightful place in Australian society.”

Not only did this article open my eyes to the mistreatment of children in Australia, but to my own ignorance. I will never know what anyone has been through to make them act the way they do, or into the person they are today. I do know that love covers all. I am studying an ethics subjects within my Bachelour of Journalism. It deals with making decisions between what is the ethical decision and what is lawful thing to do. My lecturer uses the quote, “do unto others as you would have them do to you”

She suggests using the thought process: Would I want it to be done to me? No? So I won’t do it. She is suggesting Love.

Do not murder.

Do not steal.

Do not covet.

All these actions are not done out of love. Love does no harm to a neighbour, therefore Love makes society function properly. Owe no one anything except to love one another. He who loves another, fulfilles the Law.

Love covers all.


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